Artisan Butchery & Farm Dining

Welcome to Dickies Farm Dining  
Artisan Butchery and Farm Dining Restaurant on a Farm in the country

If the diary cannot accept your booking or to book a larger party (over 8 guests) please call us direct on 01949 869733


Our restaurant handles nuts, wheat, eggs, soya, onions and peanuts. Even dishes on the menu that don’t contain certain ingredients may still have traces from the kitchen surface and equipment we use to prepare the food.
Please ask your waiter before ordering if you have any allergies. 
How to Find Us
Dickies Farm Dining

Our Address

Orchard Farm
45 Barkeston Lane 
NG13 0JA

​The postcode will bring you to the church in Plungar.  With the Church on your Left keep driving out of the village and you will see Gerty the red cow... thats us!