Artisan Butchery & Farm Dining

Welcome to Dickies Farm Dining  
Artisan Butchery and Farm Dining Restaurant on a Farm in the country

The Cow Shed 

Dickies Cow Shed... a wooden framed, tin roofed shed with character and a chilled atmoshere.  Its unique, authentic and unashamedly rustic with a cool edge.
This amazing space is the jewel in our crown...everyone loves it.  Its the home of our unique concept that is Farm Dining.  A huge fire at one end, imaginative use of wood in all its wonderful forms in the middle and a fantastic open kitchen at the other end.
Its a space that epitomises Dickies ethos...all encompassing, relaxed and ever welcoming.  If you haven't experienced it... DO!

Farm Dining is our unique concept of eating on a farm.  It offers a wonderful contradiction and a real and authentic experience.  Amazing, imaginative and elegant food with none of the pomp and ceremony of over priced restaurants still flogging their dead horse cusine.  Dining at the heart of where food comes from is the best way of understanding provenance, seasonality and sustainability.  It immerses you in a world of skills, knowledge and understanding of how wonderful food arrives at your plate. 
So come an sit on a metal chair at a wooden table in a tin shed and experience the impeccable food and service that is Dickies Farm Dining